Gameart Studio – Web Games of the Highest Quality

Here at GameArt Studio we've been dedicated to the creation and development of online games since 2006. Not only do we develop and programme the online games ourselves, we also run them entirely out of our offices located in Berlin.

We have even taken on the task of customer support ourselves. With the help of voluntary in-game moderators and our very own in-house Support team, we deal with customer queries, ideas and criticisms with a view to developing our games and making our players' wishes become a reality. Our support team are exclusively native speakers and provide our players with professional customer support in 11 languages.

Our online games Holy War, Glory Wars, Tagoria and A.I. War are currently played by over 6 million players across 11 languages. All you need to start playing is an internet connection.

Our web games are exclusively free-to-play games, which means that users can play without having to pay. Alternatively, for a small price, players can gain access to a host of additional game features.

Since role-play games are our speciality, our expertise and know-how ensure a gaming experience which is second to none.

Some of the most appealing aspects of GameArt Studio are the innovative ideas which make our games particularly alluring, such as the introduction of Order Battles in the game Holy War,.

In addition to bringing new features to our existing online games, we have also been breaking new ground. Our latest project is the future racer game Quantum Rush Champions.

Quantum Rush: Champions is an offline single player and available on Steam. The game offers an arcade mode, a career mode and many different modes with challenging bossfights a player has to win to unlock new content. The races are set on gigantic futuristic tracks on earth and in space.

More information about Quantum Rush: Champions is available in the Games section.