Every voice counts – Tagoria players are deciding about new rules for the declaration of wars between hordes

Online game developer GameArt Studio and the players of its fantasy online game Tagoria are discussing various options for a new set of rules regarding the declaration of wars.

Right from the start, Tagoria's most popular features have always been the varied multiplayer-components. Players can come together in rivaling hordes, prove themselves in battles, fight man-to-man in the arena and earn the respect of the Gods.

Since it was made possible for hordes from different worlds to fight each other (a new feature that was implemented last March), the community has repeatedly asked for adjustments to the requirements for declaring battles.

The GameArt Studio team took its players' feedback to heart and came up with three possible solutions, which are now being discussed and voted on in Tagoria´s official forum.

So if you are a Tagorian, make sure to visit the forum soon! The survey has already started and will be open until 05.08.2013.

As soon as the survey's results have been evaluated, GameArt Studio will start to work on the implementation of the most popular solution.

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