The players of Tagoria have decided – a new rule for battle declarations will be implemented

The online games developer GameArt Studio asked its players to discuss and decide about a change to the rules of battle declarations between hordes. The GameArt Studio team thanks all players for their numerous participation in the survey.

The change was necessary because an update in March enabled hordes from different worlds to fight against each other. Many players petitioned for an update to the battle ruleset to reflect these changes.

So GameArt Studio started a survey among all its players. The players could choose between three different options.

Option 1 required the premium status for battle declarations.

Option 2 was a formula based approach. In the first step the average levels of the hordes are compared. If the attacker has a higher average level the battle can be declared. If not, than the attacker needs to have at least half as much members as the attacked horde and the average level of the attacker must be at least 20% of the attacked horde.

Option 3 required the horde to have at least 5 members with a level of 30 or higher. On new worlds this rule would have been disabled until the average level on the world were high enough.

After evaluating all survey results in the different languages there is clear winner: A majority of 38% players voted for the premium status option. Option 2 got 27% of the votes and option 3 37%.

Option 1 will therefore be implemented as soon as possible and like usual we will inform you in our official forum when the new ruleset is in place.

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