A.I. Invasion celebrates its full release on Steam!

The indie developer GameArt Studio from Berlin announced, that the full version of the top-down shooter A.I. Invasion is now available on Steam.

Marking its successful transition from Early Access to full release, the game was updated with various new features and content additions.

20 challenging missions demand strategic thinking and fast reflexes from the player. He jumps into the role of a soldier commanding a team of up to 5 special units in the battle for the future of mankind. Countless merciless A.I. robots wait to be defeated on 8 different planets and even in space.

Look forward to:

  • full campaign telling the story of the reclaimation of the Rimae planetary system
  • 20 varied missions with a wide range of objectives
  • 9 different environments
  • 6 unlockable main weapons with different shooting behaviors and projectiles
  • 5 unlockable special items, that serve as equippable special ability
  • control up to 5 special units to approach combat strategically
  • full gamepad support
  • Steam achievements

You can find additional info on the Steam store front and on the official website of A.I. Invasion.

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