A.I. Invasion Graphics: Breathtaking Landscapes and a City of the Future

As a taster of what's to come in the Action-MMORPG A.I. Invasion, the GameArt Studio team has today released some of the game's conceptual artwork. Among these images are conceptual designs of the different landscapes on Planet Erion, where the science-fiction adventure is to be played out.

It's clear from the pictures just how much care and thought has gone into their design, and you can see how many steps are required to get from the concept of a landscape to the finished 3D model.

Each landscape has its own distinct theme, achieved through varying light and weather conditions as well as their own respective flora and fauna. Uniquely customised soundscapes also set the tone for each individual landscape.

A.I Invasion leads its players through mountainous terrain, dense jungles, bleak tundras and deserts. Besides this, missions take players through vast building complexes and underground research facilities.

The human city of "Erion One" is arguably another graphical gem of A.I. Invasion. Everything a player can do there (e.g. equipping your character, building up your stats to name but a few) is represented by individual buildings.

If you'd like a sneak preview of the world of A.I. Invasion by seeing more of the conceptual artwork, check out our A.I. Invasion Facebook page. There you will find more images from the graphic designers at GameArt Studio.


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