All good things come in fours: Glory Wars opens a brand new multilingual world, too!

From today on a new international and therefore multilingual world is available to all players of the well known Fantasy-MMORPG Glory Wars.

Just after the recent opening of new multilingual worlds in its internationally acclaimed Medieval web game 'Holy War', its equally successful Fantasy MMORPG 'Tagoria' and its science fiction web game classic 'A.I. War' , Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio have today announced another brand new world in their Fantasy MMORPG Glory Wars!

And now - last but not least - the multilingual world arrived in Glory Wars!

But what is so special about this new world?
The user interface has been customised accordingly by the GameArt Studio developers, so that each player can customise their own preferred language settings for the game and the in-game chatroom, the Shoutbox, which has recently been made free for all players to use.

With this latest development, GameArt Studio would like to remind everyone of one of the basic principles of web games, which has made them so popular: the idea of communal gaming reaching far beyond borders and continents. As a result, not only do players enjoy playing together, but they also get to know new people, learn about different cultures and brush up on their language skills, all at the same time.

If you'd like to try out this new multilingual world in Glory WArs for yourself, then all you need to do is sign up for free at

Please make sure when you register that you have selected the "international world" from the list of worlds in the drop-down menu.

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