Big New Years Eve ticket promotion at GameArt Studio

Berlin based browser game developer GameArt Studio already got its players into the winter and Christmas mood with many different promotions and contests, now they launch their big New Years Eve ticket promotion in Holy War, Glory Wars, A.I. War and Tagoria.

The New Years Eve ticket promotion will run until January 4th 2013 and all players receive great extras for redeeming tickets, like twice the amount of diamonds or credits as usual.

All the extras are listed in the forums of Holy War, Glory Wars, A.I. War and Tagoria. You see, there is no sign of winter tiredness or hibernation at GameArt Studio, regardless of the icy temperatures in Berlin!

The browser game developer is rather running hot and surprised its players not only with winter graphic updates in Holy War, Glory Wars and Tagoria.

They also launched additional promotions like the shoutbox quizzes in Glory Wars, a new international world and the recruiting contest in Holy War.

In Tagoria the players are cheering a new feature: They can now recruit new players on every world.

In plain words: It does not matter any more on which world the new recruit creates his account, the recruiter will always receive his bonus. There is also a recruiting contest running in December, so the best recruiters can win additional prizes.

All in all GameArt Studio makes sure that the cold days will never get boring. And what can be better during the cold and short days than sitting comfortably at home and playing your favourite browser games with friends from all over the world!

In this spirit, the whole team at GameArt Studio wishes you entertaining hours, a great winter time and a happy new year!

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