First “goldworld” online in fantasy browsergame Glory Wars

News Gameart Studio

The first goldworld went online in the worldwide popular fantasy browsergame Glory Wars. “Goldworld” means that gold is the only ingame currency. Plainly said: Every game feature can be used absolutely free.

The new world is also international and multilingual. That means every player can choose the language of the game. All GameArt Studio games are available in eleven languages.

The player can also choose freely between the eleven different languages of the Shoutbox, which became free of charge some time ago and connects players from all over the world.

The Berlin based developer also announced that the players of its science fiction browsergame A.I. War can get excited as well, because a similar world is also planned for A.I. War. Until then the players can try out the goldworld in Glory Wars.

The GameArt Studio team wishes its players much fun in the first goldworld and interesting encounters with players from all over the world.

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