Big battle update in Holy War with city battles and battle fatigue

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The big battle update in the medieval browser game Holy War is online! The new update not only introduces the city battles, but also a new concept: battle fatigue. It will shift the balance of power and make the battles more interesting.

The city battles enable orders to conquer the cities on the Holy War world map. This shifts the focus back on one of the most prominent gameplay features of Holy War: the conflict between the factions and orders.

Conquering a city rewards your faction with a greater area of influence and your order and its members with different perks. Finding the best combination of perks is of one the new strategic challenges for order leaders.

The other new feature, the battle fatigue, is equally important. After a certain amount of victories in a single battle characters get exhausted and their skills are reduced for every further victory.

The Holy War players can look forward to interesting times! A new crusade begins and the cards of fate are re-dealt!

Be there and fight side-by-side with your order brothers and sisters to conquer the Holy Land! Will your order be victorious? Will your faction rule over the Holy Land?

Find more details and info in our official Holy War forum.

The GameArt Studio Team wishes everyone warrior and every order great success in their fight for the Holy Land!

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