The players have decided: No new regulation for battle declarations in medieval browser game Holy War!

News Gameart Studio

The result of a survey started in April among the players of worldwide-known medieval browser game Holy War is in: Surprisingly the community voted against a regulation that intended to restrict the activities of so-called blocking orders.

65% of the players voted against the regulation and the comment section also showed clearly that the majority of the community prefers as little regulation as possible for battle declarations, as long as 5 players come together to found an order.

GameArt Studio will of course respect the wishes of their players and will not introduce the proposed regulation.

But the players raised concerns about Multi-Accounts, especially regarding orders that consist of only one person with accounts on different worlds.

The GameArt Studio team reacted to this concerns, picked up a player suggestion and revised the current rule and worded it more precisely.

With this new rule people can still join the same order as their family or household members, the order just needs enough players from different internet connections to make its own battle declarations.

This solution benefits everybody and creates a solid foundation to develop one the most excelling features of the game even further: The orders and their battles and the tactical element while playing with and against players from all over the world.

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