Great Survey in browser game Holy War finished – the cross-world orders will come!

News Gameart Studio

Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio asked their players of the medieval browsergame Holy War about joining orders from other worlds within a world group. And the players voted for this change!

The players decided by a wide margin that they should be able to join an order from every world in a world group.

After the end of the survey on April 15th it quickly became clear: The majority of the players is in favour of the change. 4 out 5 players voted for the implementation of the new feature. This result was consistent in all eleven languages.

The GameArt Studio team thanks all players for their participation and insightful discussions and has announced that it will implement the new feature in the next two weeks!

They players of Holy War can now not only look forward to the spring, but also to more opportunities to join orders and to forge new alliances.

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