Hordes of Rowdy Robots – the NPCs of A.I. Invasion

A.I. Invasion

Following the recent sneak preview of planet Erion's fantastic landscapes, where GameArt Studio's new 3D action MMORPG is to be played out, it's now the turn of the NPCs.

But what exactly are NPCs? It stands for 'non-player character'. Being an MMORPG, A.I. Invasion will be home to NPCs as well as human players, who play either with or against each other. Those of you who know the game story can probably already guess that these NPCs are made up of evil robots and highly developed fighting machines, whose only goal is to eradicate the humans by any means necessary.

The game designers really went all out in designing these metal monsters. There are many different types of robots and machines, for example both two-legged, four-legged and also flying machines. Not only does every machine have its own individual appearance, but also its own particular properties such as speed, firepower or aggro radius to name but a few. On top of that, they have special abilities such as short distance teleport, EMP attack or camouflage, all of which would suggest that they are not to be underestimated by their opponents.

There is also a specific hierarchy between the NPCs: alongside the „usual“ machine soldiers there are „Elite“ and „Boss“ opponents, too. Not only do these units have more firepower and thicker armour, they can also utilize more skills than the regular machine soldiers.

The real danger, though, comes when the machines turn up in mixed groups. In such cases, players must carefully consider how to equip themselves in order to be fully prepared for their adventure.

If you're not satisfied with the awesome screenshots of the NPCs, check out our A.I. Invasion Facebook page, where you can find more images.





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