3rd International World opened in medieval browser game Holy War!

About a year ago Berlin based browser game developer GameArt Studio opened the first international world in its worldwide known medieval browser game Holy War.

This world made some substantial changes to the numerous other worlds, that already existed. It was an international world with multiple languages.

The developers tweaked the interface to enable the players to choose the language of the game client and the language of the shoutbox and to change it at every time.

This way the team of GameArt Studio reminded us of what browser games should be all about: Playing together, with people from all over the world.

The players love these international worlds so much that GameArt Studio decided to give them a third international world. This world was opened today!

Everyone who wants to be one of the first players on this new world should head immediately to the Holy War page and register his account! Just make sure that the 3rd international world is chosen in the menu.

After finishing the registration the players will find the known mixture of role play, arena fights, order battles and Unique Items as well as other players from all over the world who are just waiting to play , to trade and to get to together.

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