More winter promotions at GameArt Studio - Shoutbox-Quiz in Glory Wars

Atmospheric winter pictures and the new Shoutbox-Quiz are getting the players of the fantasy browser game Glory Wars into the mood of the cold season!

After starting the winter season in its browser games Holy War and Tagoria Berlin based browser game developer GameArt Studio follows up with new features in Glory Wars.

The graphic artists changed the locations of the fantasy browser game into gorgeous and mysterious winter landscapes - and even the monsters, that play an important role in Glory Wars, are affected by the snow and ice.

Winter in Enduria

And if you like the ice-covered landscapes of Enduria you should also have a look at the shoutbox! It will be worth your time more than ever before!

Not only can you meet other players and friends from all over the world. Now you can also win some big prizes while having a pleasant chat!

For the shoutbox, that was made available to every player since last year, will receive a new feature: The shoutbox-quiz.

From now on quiz questions will be asked in the shoutbox every few days. The first correct answer wins and can choose between a gold prize or a turn on the wheel of fortune. The wheel can yield a much bigger prize but also a blank or even an unpleasant surprise.

Interesting times lie ahead for all Glory Wars players.

The team of Gameart Studio wishes all players a pleasant start into the winter season and much fun and luck with the new winter landscapes and the Shoutbox-Quiz!

Glory Wars Winter

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