New multilingual world now open in Web game Holy War!

The time has come! As of today, the Berlin-based web game producer GameArt Studio will be releasing a new world for the internationally acclaimed browser-game Holy War.

This new world is going to be completely different to previous worlds, since it's an international and therefore multilingual world!

The user interface has been customized accordingly by the game developers so that each player of Holy War can choose their own preferred language for the Shoutbox, which has recently been made free for all players to use.

With this latest development, GameArt Studio would like to remind everyone of one of the basic principles of multiplayer Web games: The opportunity to play your favorite game with people from all over the world, to share the fun, to meet new people and even to brush up on your foreign language skills.

Anyone interested in giving this new multilingual world in the medieval Web game Holy War a try can sign up for free at

Just select the "international world" from the list of worlds when registering.

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