No Silly Season: A Second International World is Opened Today in Tagoria!


It's all systems go at the Berlin-based browser game developers' - just as the Summer Ticket Promotion across all GameArt Studio games is coming to a close today, players of the popular fantasy browser game Tagoria can now reap the benefits of yet another development!

Today, the second international world in Tagoria has been opened!

The first international world in Tagoria was opened in January of this year, and it was such a hit with the players that the GameArt Studio team decided to treat the players to a second international world.

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What's special about the international world is that you can meet players from all over the world. The user interface has been customised so that every player can select their preferred language, or even switch to their second language - so you can build on a life skill whilst still gaming!

Special emphasis has been put on the gaming community, with the Shoutbox being free for all players (including non-Premium players) to use - a development introduced recently by GameArt Studio for all of its games.

In the international worlds, you can also choose in which language you would like to chat, and will then be redirected to the respective Shoutbox for that language.

The GameArt Studio team would like to wish all players a lot of fun and many interesting encounters in the new world of Tagoria!

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