Great order survey in browser game Holy War

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Today started a great survey about cross world orders in the worldwide known medieval browser game Holy War. You can find the survey thread in the Holy War forum, where you can also discuss the pro and contra of cross world orders.

During the last year the worlds of the medieval browser game Holy War were merged into groups. Last October Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio announced that all world merges were successfully completed.

Fans of Holy War met many new players from all around the world and they were given the opportunity to fight against orders from other worlds, recruit players across worlds and even the option to not only change the language of the game client, but also choose between eleven languages in the shoutbox.

Since the world merges many players asked for the option to join orders from all worlds within their word group.

Now it's the players turn! You can vote in the Holy War forum whether you want cross world orders or not. You can also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a change.

The survey is open until 15.4.2013. The GameArt Studio Team will then analyse the survey results and decide if and how the players wishes are implemented.

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