Preparations for the World Merge in Tagoria: Deletion of inactive Accounts

Following the success of the first world fusion in medieval browser game Holy War, Berlin web game developers GameArt Studio now start work on the world fusion in fantasy browser game Tagoria.

The GameArt Studio team would like to inform players of Tagoria that a proportion of the inactive accounts will soon be deleted.

GameArt Studio would like to take the opportunity offered by the next big game update to delete accounts which have been left inactive for a long time. Accounts which will be affected are those which have not been logged into for over 30 days and have never bought a ticket.

We believe this to be in the players' best interests, since it will make the gaming experience much more straightforward for everyone.

The clear-up will be completed in the next few weeks - when this has been done, nothing more will stand in the way of the world merge, which has been so hotly discussed in the forum up until this point.

Players will be informed of the exact dates for the world merge well in advance via newsletter, in-game mail, on the Tagoria facebook page or forum.

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