Anti-gravity racer "Quantum Rush: Champions": soon on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!

Many of you will already be aware of the futuristic online racing game Quantum Rush. It is currently going through its open beta and has recently been Greenlit on Steam. Now, the team behind Quantum Rush has announced that they will be developing an offline single-player version of the game – because that is what their community is asking for.

This new game by GameArt Studio carries the title Quantum Rush: Champions. The Quantum Rush team will shortly be launching a Kickstarter campaign and the game will also appear on Steam Greenlight.

Good times for racing enthusiasts! In any case, it will be worth your while to keep an eye on Quantum Rush: Champions. As with their last project, the team is again looking to keep in close contact with the community during the whole development process.

It was the community that got this particular ball rolling: since the early development phase of Quantum Rush Online, the team has been receiving requests for an offline version of the game. Especially on Steam, where Quantum Rush has recently been Greenlit, the team received such requests on an almost daily basis.

And so, after thinking it through and gathering more feedback from the community, the team has decided to take up the challenge and start development of an offline version of Quantum Rush.

The new game will will be called "Quantum Rush: Champions" and the main difference to the online game will be the extensive single-player content. Additionally, there will also be more race tracks, more racer customization options and more AI types than what the online version currently has to offer.

In the Career mode, there will initially be 3 separate campaigns consisting of a large variety of challenge types and boss challenges that the player has to overcome in order to unlock upgrades for their racers as well as new challenges and racers for higher tiers.

The development team is always happy to receive constructive input from the community, so make sure to get in touch if you have suggestions.

They announced that they are soon going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Quantum Rush: Champions and that, around the same time, the game will also appear on Steam Greenlight – so stay tuned!

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