Gigantic Update of the Future Racer Quantum Rush: Champions

With the update of today, the future racer launched some time ago on Steam in Early Access got new racers, new challenge types and a new Arcade Mode, along with new content and many improvements! And Quantum Rush: Champions is now also available in Spanish, French and Italian.

Quantum Rush Champions Update

Already last week the development team from Berlin had announced that a really comprehensive update of the racer was imminent. Today this update went live.

Next to extensions of the exclusive Early Access campaign "Jump Start Tournaments", which contains many challenges, 2 brand new challenge types and 2 merciless boss fights, almost everything was expanded, improved and optimized.

As an example, the AI of the virtual racing opponents was improved. Players can look forward to new race tracks and last but not least, on wish of the players, all menus were made compatible to gamepad.

Discussing all points of the update would go to far here. Who wants to know what changed should best visit the game page on Steam (

Not only the game but development of the game goes ahead at full speed and players can look forward to what new content and changes are still to come with the updates of the next weeks.

The Quantum Rush team thanked players for their valued support and feedback and looks forward to the feedback of the community on the new update.

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