Quantum Rush - Lag issues + Volcano Track

Many of you have reached out to us and today we would like to come back to you with information on the topic of lag issues.

While small and irregular lags are nothing out of the ordinary in a fast-paced online game, some of you have asked us why you are constantly experiencing (sometimes massive) lags in races against other players and/or bots although everything runs smoothly in training mode.

The answer: So far, all online races are processed by servers in Germany. In training mode, there is no lag because your PC does not communicate with our servers.

So even if you are playing with a local friend or just with bots, all communication is currently being handled by a server in Germany. The further you are away from Germany, the worse your connection will be and the more lag you will experience.

The only solution to this problem is setting up additional servers, in your country or at least close to it. And that is exactly what we plan to do. However, we first have to analyse in which countries Quantum Rush can become popular, because setting up servers in foreign countries is both expensive and time-consuming and our resources are limited.

Until then, we can only ask you for patience.

Volcano Track - First Impressions!

By the way: New race tracks for Quantum Rush are in the works. On our Blog, you can get a first glimpse of the next track to go live.

Volcano Track

What is special about this track: It winds right through an active volcano. Prepare for a really hot race!

See you soon on the race tracks,

Your Quantum Rush Team

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