Quantum Rush launches on Steam Greenlight!

The futuristic online racing game Quantum Rush has just recently entered its beta phase - opening up access to the game for everyone - and already there is more great news for all gamers with gasoline in their veins! After receiving lots of requests from the community, the Quantum Rush team decided to launch their game on Steam Greenlight.

Now everything lies in the hands of the game's fans: vote for Quantum if you want it released on Steam!

For those of you who do not know Quantum Rush yet: all you have to do to check it out is register a free account and download the game client at

Quantum Rush seeks to revive the genre of futuristic racing games. The game offers an exciting mix of both racing and combat elements as well as extensive research and customisation functionality.

Due to the online competitive nature of the game, there is also a strong focus on community features. Up to 20 pilots can pit their skills against each other in a single race to fight for the the top ranks of the highscores.

Although Quantum Rush only just went beta, it already benefits from an active community. Steam users are arranging races via the Quantum Rush Steam Group and players from all over the world frequent the game's official blog, the Quantum Rush forums, the Facebook fan page and the GameArt Studio YouTube channel.

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