Quantum Rush mega update: computer controlled NPCs to fill up the lobbies!

Today, the long expected mega update for the online racer Quantum Rush went live. Fortunately, the wait has been worth the while! Next to many new features and improvements, the beta testers were first of all looking forward to the introduction of computer controlled NPCs – long waits for more people to join the lobby are now a thing of the past!

Additionally, the update brings a whole lot of other new features that make Quantum Rush more user-friendly and increase its visual appeal.

The Quantum Rush team has paid attention to their fans' feedback, many suggestions made by the community have been taken into account. One example for that is the drastically improved sensation of speed. The team has uploaded a video with a before and after comparison to the GameArt Studio YouTube channel.

Another important aspect of today's update was the lag optimisation: The racer now reacts immediately to all player input instead of waiting for confirmation from the server. A complex prediction and synchronisation system makes sure that the position of the racer on the client is as close as possible to the position of the racer on the server. This system is still in development and it has some flaws, but is already an improvement over the old system.

As had already been announced earlier, the research section's graphical interface has been revised to make it more intuitive.

The new pickup “Stasis Sphere” will hinder the first-placed players, making the outcome of a race less predictable at any given time.

As with the past updates, the graphics of the race tracks have been further improved.

If you haven't had a look at Quantum Rush yet, this is a good time to do so. The easiest way to obtain a beta key is to register for the Quantum Rush Newsletter or write an email to the developers.

The Quantum Rush Team wishes the beta testers a fun time on the race tracks and is looking forward to their feedback.

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