Official closed beta start in Quantum Rush

Quantum Rush – New Video: Racer Skins – What's Your Style?

Hello pilots,

The topic of today's video update is racer visual customisation. The team's lead developer explains what options you will have to pimp your racer.

As you know, Quantum Rush is currently in closed beta. The features for customising your racers' appearance are at a very early stage of development, but we want to show you what we are working on and what we have planned.

The first such feature, which will go online soon, is racer skins.

For each racer, Quantum Rush will offer various different skins for you to choose from. Some of these skins will allow you to further customise your racer by changing the skin's colours. Over time, more and more skins will become available.

Apart from skins, we currently plan the following additional customisation options: you will be able to replace your racer's standard cockpit with a cockpit in your favourite colour, there will be numerous decals that you can stick on your racer and we will even introduce a variety of underbody lights!

All in all, there will be hundreds of possible configurations for each racer's visual appearance and you can expect to see a colourful diversity in every race.

We are anxious to see what styles you will come up with!

What do you think of the planned customisation features? Do you like what you see in the video? We are always happy to receive your feedback, just leave a comment or contact us!

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