Quantum Rush – Race in Space!

Today, there's a new highlight for the fans of the online racer Quantum Rush - GameArt Studio has released a video of a brand-new racetrack.

What is special about this track: it's in space! The race leads the pilots over and through various asteroids and reckless mining machines constitute an additional hazard.

This new racetrack, which will already be available in the closed beta of Quantum Rush, demands a high degree of skill from the pilots and is a good example for the wild possibilities offered by the game's racing mechanics.

The new, innovative track elements not only make the first track in space a visual feast but also an exciting challenge for skilled players.

With the video about the new racetrack, the Quantum Rush team yet again raises the expectations for the upcoming closed beta phase.

The complete video is available on the official Quantum Rush blog as well as on the game's YoutTube channel.

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