Quantum Rush – Tiers and Research Trees

Following recent updates about racer parts and weapons in the online game Quantum Rush, online games developer GameArt Studio has now revealed detailed information about the game's tier and research systems.


In Quantum Rush, there will be ten different racing leagues, which we call tiers. The tier defines the available racetracks, the prizes and the admitted racers. With every new tier, you will be participating in faster and more deadly races, piloting better equipped racers.

All racer manufacturers offer at least one model range that provides one racer for each tier. Every time you reach a new tier, you will not only have access to faster racers but those racers will also feature more research and thus customization options.

Research Trees

Researching and aquiring a racer from a certain tier will automatically make you eligle to participate in races from that tier. In order to unlock a new racer, it will be necessary to first research certain technologies for the according manufacturer's preceding racer.

Every racer has its own individual research tree. Researching a new technology for your racer will usually unlock further technologies. As you can see in the screenshot below, there will often be different paths to a certain technology. At the end of each research tree, you will find the according manufacturer's racer of the next tier.

Initiating the research of a new technology or racer requires research points, which you earn by participating in races. The number of research points you will receive for participating in a single race depends on various factors: tier, place and damage dealt to other players. Apart from research points, taking part in races will also reward you with credits. Credits are required for fitting your racer with new parts and weapons and also for purchasing new racers.


Quantum Rush: Example Research Tree




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