Quantum Rush goes alpha!

The Quantum Rush team announced that the online future racer reached the alpha phase two weeks after its first trial by fire in form of an online racing event!

A few internal tests later it was official: the online racer's core features have been completed; important functionality, like buying and selling racers or the friends list that allows players to add friends as well as create teams to enter the matchmaking system together, has been implemented.

And so Quantum Rush is now on its way toward beta!

Before the closed beta phase can start, though, some more features, like sound and graphics settings and a launcher that automatically patches the game and keeps players up to date with patchnotes and important announcements, still have to be added.

A special training mode that gives players the chance to get to know the racetracks and racers will also be implemented. The most important task, however, will be fine-tuning the racers to allow both casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy the game.

There are some let's play videos on Youtube that give you a good idea of the gameplay you can expect from Quantum Rush. You would like to get in touch with the game's developers? The Quantum Rush team is always happy to receive feedback, be it on Twitter, their blog or by email.

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