Quantum Rush – Press event and training mode planned

As the new online racer Quantum Rush progresses into the last kickstarter phase, the developer GameArt Studio announces not only a press event, but also a new playing mode, that was suggested by the community: The training mode.

For quite some time the development team could already race against each other, but soon – at the press event – the first external players can join. The feature set of the current version is, of course, still far from being complete, but you can already see and feel where the team wants to go with Quantum Rush.

The press event will take place in the next few weeks with editors from the gaming press and some youtubers.

The Quantum Rush team also wants to thank its supporters and invites every kickstarter backer, who pledged at least 90$, to the event. Interested players just have to send a private message via kickstarter, including their email address until October 9th 2013. It is not possible for every backer at the moment to participate.

The second big news is the training mode, which will be included at the release.

Since the start of the kickstarter campaign this feature was requested a lot of times and GameArt Studio, impressed by the constructive feedback, decided to include the mode at game release. It will enable players to learn the race tracks without the interference of other pilots.

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