Quantum Rush Racer Comparison

Quantum Rush, the new online racer of Berlin based online game developers GameArt Studio, not only has elaborate graphics (you can watch all game videos in the Quantum Rush blog) but the gameplay and story are also well thought out and complex.

Racer manufacture is a serious business and of all the companies that tried to get a foothold in the QR league, only three have thus far been successful. The three companies - Ion Energy Systems, Nitroid Racing and Nanofabric Motorworks – are now the producing all of the QR leagues racers.

Each manufacturer has their own story and philosophy which results in racers with specific varying strengths and weaknesses. Which model will be your favourite? Check out our video and see the three rivals in direct comparison.

Ion Energy Systems - IES

The manufacturer consortium started out as a global energy provider but bought their way into the racing league as an expansion of marketing. Their other research and sales activities includes energy couplings and top secret military contracting.

IES racers are the most advanced in regards to energy techs. There is no other manufacturer who can compete with the energy production and shield systems on their racers. However, the armour plating on is relcatively weak.

A special energy feedback system produces an electromagnetic shock pulse, whenever the energy pool is depleted, that disrupts the enemies weapon systems and does significant energy damage.

Nitroid Racing

Nitroid Racing has specialized in “speed-boosting measures”. Their large engines and thrusters, together with a focus on acceleration, are the main assets of this manufacturer. Their racers are, as standard, fitted with the best and most efficient boosters. Their rate acceleration is unmatched. This comes at the price of weaker shields and armour.

In contrast to other manufacturers these racers do not have an automatic shutdown for overheat protection. This allows for higher temperature thresholds and extended use of weapons or boosters. This comes with risks however, as overheating can cause the racer to violently explode, causing a maelstrom of destruction to everything caught in the blast.

Nanofabric Motorworks - NMW

Nanofabric Motorworks are hardened veterans in the racing business. They started in countless races and their origins date back to the age of combustion engines.

Their racers are well balanced a focus on maneuverability and defense. NMW racers are the easiest to control and offer the best handling that credits can buy.

The high agility and small radar signature make it difficult targeting systems of enemy racers to get a lock-on. NMW have also developed technology that can use defensive pick-ups more efficiently when compared to the other racers.

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