Quantum Rush - The racer as the sum of its parts

Today Quantum Rush, the new online racer of Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio, published the seventh update on kickstarter. This update shows how personalisation of racer parts and appearance will work in Quantum Rush.

There are two sections to personalisation of racer in Quantum Rush, technical customisation and appearance customisation. Technical customisation involves selecting and installing different components in your racer to influence its performance. These parts can change the speed, acceleration, handling and more, to give pilots the ability to tune the racer to there preference.

The component parts avialable to each racer in each tier are dependent on that racers manufacturer. The player decides between one of three manufacturers and can then choose which components to research and install. We aim to allow players as much freedom as possible to tailor their racer to their play style.

Lets have a look at the categories of different components:


The engine produces the thrust and energy for the racer and also influences the racer handling. The engine determines the maximum speed and acceleration, as well as the size of the energy storage.


The shields protect your racer from direct damage. The are fuelled by the energy pool of the engine and impacts to the shield will gradually deplete the energy. How much energy is lost by each hit depends on the shield system.


The internal boosters provide additional thrust and can accelerate your racer over the maximum engine speed. This will also use up energy while active and like the shield uses the same energy pool from the engine. If you use all your energy for boosts you will find that you have none left for shield protection. The strength of the boost and the energy usage varies with different booster components. Boosting also generates heat and different booster components generate heat at different rates.


Firing your weapons, using the boosters and environmental effects all produce heat within your racer. The maximum temperature at which your racer can operate normally is determined by your cooling system. The cooling system also determines the time it takes to cool the racer down and how soon the cooling process can begin. If at anytime your racers temperature exceeds the maximum, the weapons and boosters will not be available until the racer is cooled down enough.

Please note: Some racers can respond in different ways to over-heating, for example the racers of Nitroid Racing do not shut down at maximum heat and instead can explode if they overheat too much.


The Armour are the lifepoints of your racer. Direct damage (i.e. damage that is not intercepted by your shields) decreases the armour. Should it fall to zero, the racer is destroyed. Better armour can mean more weight, will in turn influence the handling of your racer. More armour will provide better protection, but makes you racer harder to control.


The shipmod is a special component with unique effects. It could provide extra energy, increase the weapon damage or influence pick-ups (by increasing the charges of pick-ups for example). A shipmod allows the pilot to specialise his racer even further.


Quantum Rush: Engine & Booster Concept Art

Quantum Rush: Cooling & Booster Concept Art

Quantum Rush: Armour & Shields Concept Art

Quantum Rush: Engine Concept & Engine Render

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