Quantum Rush - Thank you and see you soon in Quantum Rush!

The Quantum Rush team has published the last update before the end of their Kickstarter campaign today. In this update, the online games developer thanks all supporters and announces that Quantum Rush will be released even though the funding goal was not met

“This is not the end but a new beginning”, with these words GameArt Studio prepares its supporters and fans for the end of the kickstarter campaign. The funding goal on Kickstarter was not met, but the development of Quantum Rush continues. Although some of the planned content and features will be missing from the initial release version, Quantum Rush will be launched with its core features.

The Quantum Rush team thanks all its fans for their support. Not only for their pledges, but especially for their feedback and encouragement, that showed that the genre of Future Racers still has many fans.

It is still possible to support the team morally and financially: Donations in $ are accepted until October 11th 2013 on the Quantum Rush Website. After this date donations have to be in €.

Also, there are plans to submit Quantum Rush to Steam Greenlight. The team does no have an exact date yet, but they will count on their supporters again. Any news about Greenlight will be shared via Kickstarter updates and on the channels listed below.


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