Recruitment Contest in Web Games Glory Wars and A.I. War

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As of next Sunday, 1st July, the so-called Recruitment Contest will be held in both the fantasy-RPG Glory Wars and also in the science-fiction web game A.I. War.

The aim of the game is to enroll as many recruits in one language as possible. The competition will run throughout the course of July. Anyone can participate and stand the chance to win some great prizes.

The winners in A.I. War are beckoned by the promise of mystique items, Premium status and drone pads.

The prizes in Glory Wars are no less impressive: alongside diamonds, the most dedicated recruiters will also be rewarded with Premium status and elixirs, among other things.

Exactly what players stand to win and the competition rules can be found in the A.I. War and Glory Wars forums respectively.

What's more, whilst you're in the forum you can also find valuable tips from the Support team. So if you haven't done so already, sign up to the forum as soon as possible - registration is quick, simple and completely free, just like the games themselves.

The GameArt Studio team wishes you all the best for the contest!

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