Second International World in Medieval Web Game Holy War Now Open!

Earlier this year, Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio launched the first international world in their internationally acclaimed medieval web game Holy War.

This world was completely different to the previous Holy War worlds, since it was an international and hence multilingual world.

The user interface in this world was customised by the GameArt Studio programmers so that each player could select and switch effortlessly between the languages of the game-play and of the free Shoutbox.

In doing so, the GameArt Studio team hoped to remind everyone of one of the basic principles of web games, whereby players from all over the globe come together to share a communal web-gaming experience.

The new world was such a huge hit with the players that GameArt Studio has decided to treat them to yet another international world, which is online as of today!

So, if you want to be among the first to register and be there from the very beginning, don't delay in registering for the new Holy War world! Just make sure when you register that you've selected "International World 2".

Once registered, along with the usual mix of varying role play elements and features such as Arena Fights, Order Battles and Unique Items, players also have a myriad of fresh-faced opponents from all over the world to look forward to, all eagerly waiting to start gaming, trading and getting to know each other.

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