Tacticians wanted! PvE missions in A.I. Invasion

A.I. Invasion

The last few announcements focused on the game's visuals and came with lots of eye candy, impressive examples of both artworks and in-game graphics. This time, GameArt Studio has revealed some insights into A.I. Invasion's gameplay features.

Today's topic is the game mode PvE (player versus environment). In contrast to A.I. Invasion's PvP features, which allow players to pit their skills against each other, the PvE aspects of the game are all about fighting units controlled by the game itself, the murderous minions of A.I.

What does PvE look like in A.I. Invasion and what new ideas make the game stand out?

First of all, thanks to a dynamic mission generator, the number of available missions is extremely high.

The player never knows what his next mission will be. He might be asked to explore a certain area, defend his post against incoming waves of killing machines or find and free prisoners of war - just to name a few of many possible tasks that are randomly but intelligently combined to generate missions in A.I. Invasion.

Do the missions focus on teamplay or can I play well alone too? There's nothing to worry about here. The decision to do missions alone or as a team is entirely up to the individual player. Team missions are available for teams of up to 5 players.

In any case, before the player leaves for a mission, alone or as part of a team, he is well advised to adjust his equipment to what lies up ahead. Special gadgetry is much more helpful for one mission than it might be for another. Teams should additionally make sure that their configuration suits the purpose of the mission - lots of people that can run really fast and make themselves invisible won't be so useful when the task at hand is to defend a certain spot against an incoming horde of well-armed machines. Everyone had better make sure his team leader knows what he is doing!

Besides different kinds of missions, there are also different kinds of enemies, of course. The player will be facing everything from standard fighting drones to elite and boss opponents that can make a soldier's life a pain at any moment.

Last but not least, also the landscapes and the locations situated within these will change from mission to mission. Apparently, GameArt Studio has gone a long way to ensure that A.I. Invasion's gameplay will be diverse and dynamic, in the short and the long run.

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