Tagoria world fusion successfully completed

Today Berlin based browsergame developer GameArt Studio carried out the last fusion in their fantasy-themed browser game Tagoria.

Here is a short overview of the world groups and the worlds they consist of:

World group 1: 1DE, 2DE, 3DE, 1EN, 1ES, 2ES, 4ES, 1FR, 3FR, 1IT, 1PL and 1RU

World group 2: 4DE, 5DE, 6DE, 2EN, 3EN, 4EN, 3ES, 5ES, 2FR, 4FR, 5FR, 2IT, 1NL, 1PT, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL, 2RU and 3RU

World group 3: 1AR , 2AR, 7DE, 5EN, 6EN, 7EN, 6FR, 3IT, 2NL, 2PT, 3PT, 5PL , 4RU, 1TR and 2TR

Worlds being merged with other worlds will be able to interact in the following ways: Players can attack players from other worlds, write messages and share the Shoutbox of their respective languages. Recruitment is also possible across the connected worlds. Similarly, Hordes can take on Hordes from different worlds. Mercenaries can be hired and volunteers can take part in all battles within their world group.

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