To all soldiers!

You all know how important it is to know your enemy. Fortunately, a security camera was able to capture how an as yet unclassified A.I. unit killed some wannabe pillagers in an abandoned warehouse located outside of the city's protective energy shield.

The video footage has provided the following data about this new abomination: It moves surprisingly fast, prefers a fighting distance of about 12 meters and is apparently capable of temporarily disabling its victims tech items; our scientists believe that this latter trick has to do with its powerful twin ion cannons. Additionally, it seems to scan the armor of humans for weak spots and appears to be equipped with an advanced aiming system. Incoming attacks seem to become partially absorbed by some kind of energy field.

AI Invasion Namensaktion

While this synthetic nightmare has officially been listed as B21G, we want you to come up with a proper name for this beast. The video material is still classified, so please have a look at the snapshot taken from it.

We are certainly not lacking ideas for how to call this A.I. unit, but we think it will be a hell of a lot more fun if you come up with a great name for it on our Facebook-Fanpage! On the 28th of September, our game designers will choose three names from your suggestions and then we'll create a poll in which everyone can vote for one of them. Should fewer than three adequate names be suggested, we will add our own suggestions to complete the trio of names for the poll.

Everybody is invited to enter one or more naming suggestions. The names should have a colloquial sound. Do not use racist, vulgar, sexist or any other discriminatory words. We will also not use names that infringe trademarks or any other intellectual property.
GameArt Studio is not obliged to use any of the suggested names. By entering a name into the contest you agree that GameArt Studio is allowed to use this name without any further legal or financial claims.


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