Holy War

Immerse Yourself in the Ancient World of Holy War

Holy War is a free and complex browser-based role playing game! Dive into the age of the Holy War! Take on the role of a Knight as a Christian, Saracen or Pagan and conquer or defend the Holy Land!

It is the Age of the Crusades. Escape to this ancient world as a Crusader, Saracen or Pagan and fight for the sovereignty of the Holy Land.

Your top priority is to build up your character: the strategic distribution of attributes and the optimal selection of equipment and weapons are key to your long term prosperity. Gold and experience points are typically gained by plundering or protecting, and can be spent to make your character more powerful over time.

Players can also arrange themselves into Orders and fight against each other in tense battles. Meanwhile, you can further advance your character by trading with other players or participate in weekly tournaments. Holy War is a must for all fans of complex role-play games with an historic twist!



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