Enter the world of fearless warriors!

Tagoria is a browser-based fantasy role-playing game. Enter the world of fearless warriors! Face dangerous monsters and claim their treasures as your own! Take part in epic battles, fought in honor of the gods! Show the world that the valiant heart of a warrior beats in your chest!

Wander through the Tagorian wilderness on a host of varied questswith your trusty companion at your side. Terrifying monsters lie in wait for you around every corner, lurking amongst ancient ruins, lingering in abandoned mines and prowling the lava-spewing volcanic landscapes.

Only those with nerves of steel will be amply rewarded with amber stones and experience points, which can then be invested directly into the further development of your character and companion.

In the main village, you can either take a moment to catch your breath, upgrade your equipment and trade with other players, or go straight to the mystical Druid to be given your next quest. You can also seek further challenges in the village, such as the weekly tournaments or the epic Dimension Battle, where the gods of Tagoria face off against each other. Players may also arrange themselves into so-called "Hordes" and explore the land of Tagoria together.



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