A.I. War

Fight against the artificial intelligence AI and their machines

A.I. War is a free and complex browser-based role playing game. Take on the challenge! Fight on the planet Midor side by side with like-minded warriors against the artificial intelligence AI and their machines

As one of the last surviving humans, players fight against the merciless onslaught of the articificial intelligence - A.I. - and its machines. Collect experience points and resources during raids and reconnaissance missions. These can then be used to improve your character's attributes, or spent on cutting-edge equipment such as independent drones, which support the players in their struggle against the machines.

With the threat of the A.I. constantly looming, the few remaining survivors have to close ranks. Arranged into clans, players work together to reconquer areas and sectors from the A.I., or defend their own mines against attacks from the machines. Players can also go on team missions or trade with their fellow players. If you like postapocalyptic scenarios, you're going to love A.I. War.



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